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High School Classical Leaving Qualification.  Full marks: 60/60.

Degree in Law, achieved at the University of Studies of Bari. Graduation thesis about criminal procedure entitled:  “The preliminary sentence of acquittal for lack of evidence.”            Graduated with honours. (110/110 e lode).

Qualification to practise Law. Qualification to the teaching of Legal-economic disciplines in Secondary Schools.

Post-graduate diploma in Epistemology Information.                  Thesis entitled: “Ipertextual guide to the study of the Critique of The Pure Reason by Immanuel Kant.”

Enrolment on the Freelance Journalists’ Register.

Enrolment on the Experts’ and Specialists’ List at the Chamber  of Commerce of Bari for the Categories: “Antiquity, Items and Art Picture, Paper and Printing.”



Curriculum vitae



(Bari, September  27th  1964)


Jurist, freelance journalist, art reviewer and writer.

His interests sweep from history of art and popular traditions to legal-economic matters, applied to the Copyright and to the Cultural Goods.

He is at the head of the “Studies-Centre of the Law of Arts ,of Tourism

and of Landscape.” (www.dirittodellearti.it), an organization directed to create a link between Art and Law.

He teaches legal-economic subjects and he practises Law in Bari.

From 1995 to 1997 he has acted as an Honorary Judge at the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Bari.

He contributes to a lot of National newspapers and magazines.

In 1996 he has edited the writing of a bill for the exemption from taxation of the purchasing of cultural goods and tools, by natural people.

In the nineties he set up the movement “Arte Reale” –( “Royal Art”). which became after a while, an artistic-literary trend with the purpose of aiding the recovery of a political-social role for the artists and for the “creative class” in general.

He is the author of “The suggestion of institution of the Ombudsman of culture for the Italian City Halls.(Apulia 1999).

He is also an organizer of cultural events for public and private corporations.

He has directed art galleries, he has edited Art Exhibition and Catalogues of Italian and Foreign artists.

He has been one of the jury of the Artistic-Literary Awards and he himself has received Awards and Certifications.

Expert of hagiography, he has published a lot of Articles and Essays about Saint Nicholas of Myra and of Bari, the ancestor of the modern Santa Claus, succeeding in finding the exhibits of his historical existence.

He is a member of the “Italian Association of Museum-Studies and he contributes at the “New Museum logy” Magazine.

In 2004 his report on the history of the Museums has been selected from ACEI for the 13th International Culture Economy Conference, which has been held at the University of Illinois in Chicago, USA.

It’s his the doctrinaire elaboration of the “Museum Law”, considered as a new subject within the law of the Cultural Goods.

He is also on the encyclopaedia WIKIPEDIA, under the heading “museum-law”.



Historical-artistic sector


St. Nicholas and his double. Basilica of St. Nicholas of Bari, 8th century of the inscription of the Upper Basilica, publisher  Dal Sud, Bari,1996.

Travelling around the mysterious Puglia, publ.Barisera,1997.

The mystery of gifts. History of legendary figures who bring gifts to children, publ.Barisera,1998.

St. Nicholas in the History of Art, publ. Barisera,1999.

A Work of Art on Christmas, Index of the Report of hand-held and Gift Art, Arteca Vallisa, Bari, 2000.

The old Household Caggiano in the Natural Park of Lama Balice, Puglia Region, publ. Levante, Bari, 2000.

EDUCARTE, Catalogue of the first Exhibition of the Art for Children, publ. Assoscuola, Bari, 2001.

Disputed Relics. The enigma of the two bodies of St. Nicholas. The Bishop who became Santa Claus, in MEDIOEVO n.9, publ.  De Agostini -Rizzoli, Milan, 2001.

Looking for life, Oeuvre by Angelo Bassi, judge, publ. Laterza, Bari, 2003.

Tourist Diary of Rutigliano, City of Rutigliano, 2004.

Antoni Gaudi, the architect of God, in Tradition’s Streets, n. 136-137, Palermo,2004.

“History of the Museum. A study on the transformation of concept of the museum as the paradigm of the changes in culture and society: a means of strategic planning for the Museum Management” ( ACEI 13° International Culture Economy Conference, Chicago – U.S.A.).

The Mouseion, M.I.T. ante litteram, in New Museumlogy, six-monthly journal of museum logy- Official newspaper of Museumlogy Studies, Milan, June 2006 n. 14.

Prehistory and archaeomytology of the museum, in New Museumlogy, June 2007 n.16.  



Bill for tax exemption for cultural goods and tools purchased by natural people (session Chamber of Deputies, Nov. 10th 1996).

Astrea’s return. Archaeomytology excursus on the relationships between Ethic and Law, in Forensic Review, quarterly newspaper of the National Forensic Council, n.2, publ. Giuffrè, Milan, 2004.

A new typology of Lawyers’ Studies. Experts in Arts and Cultural Law, in Forensic Review, quarterly newspaper of the National Forensic Council, n.3-4, publ. Giuffrè, Milan, 2005.

Thoth. The first lawyer: an Egyptian god, in Italian Lawyers’ Review, official mouthpiece:National Forensic Association, n.1, January-April 2006.

A Lawyer without qualities, in Forensic Reality, Bari,2006.

The museum-law. Ontogenesis of a new legal subject, New Museumlogy, Milano, 2008.

Italy ratifies the UNESCO Convention of Paris 2003. The cultural “immaterial” heritage enters in the Italian legislation, underway- publication. in Centro Studi di Diritto delle Arti, del Turismo e del Paesaggio website  www.dirittodellearti.it, 2008

Translation by

Miss Antonella Cicinelli

Conference programme ACEI 2004:

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