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The Centre of Study of the Law of Art, Tourism and Landscape (hereinafter “Study Centre DAPT”)  is a no profit think tank established by artists and professional with the purpose to create an ideal link between the art and the law, the legal regulations and the needs to protect the boundless italian cultural and landscape heritage.


In order to reach this purpose, the Study Centre DAPT has created a communicativeness and scientif network among lawyers, politicians, economist, writers, musicians, painters and museum.


Inside our website, indeed, it is possible to find next to Regulations, Jurisprudence and Law in the matter of  tourism, cultural heritage, environmental heritage and intellectual property rights, a gallery of artists, called “Arte Reale,  where are showed many  works of art.


The Study Centre DAPT has the following objects:

  • create an ideal link between the art and the law, two exceptional products of the humanity intellectual activity, in the light of the political-social and turistic-economic contemporary scenarios;
  • study and promote the environmental and landscape heritage which represent, along the storic and artistic heritage, the identity of the italian patrimony;
  • promote the study of the relationship between the cultural, artistic, touristic world and the regulatory and normative world;
  • increase the humanism in the legal culture;
  • spread the knowledge of the legal issues among artists, art critics and all the cultural institutionals in order to preserv and protect Italy’s artistic, touristic and environmental heritage;
  • carry out studies and technical, juridical and cultural publications in the matters of art, ethic, aesthetics, history, tourism and landscape with the purpose to reach the above stated goals;
  • cooperate and support in order to enter into an agreement with privat and public entities as well as other associations interested to the same objectives;
  • cooperate and support in order to enter into an agreement with privat and public entities in order to manage and conduct courses and workshops;
  • organize exhibitions, meetings, debates, workshops and academic activities as well as enter into an agreement with journals and publishing house with the aim to produce, separately or jointly, pubblications;
  • collect sponsorship in order to obtain the financial support for the statutory purposes and to cover the expenses of the institutional activities.



In the first year of his life, The Study Centre DATP, under the authorization of European Commission, translated in
italian the KEA European Affairs Study “ECONOMY OF CULTURE 2006”. Now it is partecipating in the european
Reference No EACEA/2007/05) The Study Centre DAPT offers a broad range of advices  in line with the needs 
of Artist, Enterprises, Public Administration and Voluntary Organisations.


Advice to artists

1)       Organisation of exhibitions, meetings, debates and workshops;

2)       Piece of criticism and certified valuation of works of art;

3)       Press offices;

4)       Creation of books, websites, catalogues, advertising and marketing;

5)       Courses of history of art and creative workroom;

6)       Professional advice in matter of tourism and lanscape law;

7)       Legal services, drawing up of contracts, legal aids and relations with authorities and institutions.


Advice to Enterprises

1)       Legal advice in mater of intellectual property rights and creative industries;

2)       Promotional events and artistic advertising;

3)       Sponsorships;

4)       Planning and creation of Enterprises museum.


Advice to Public Administrations

1)       Property rights;

2)       Activity and cultural heritage law;

3)       Environment and Tourism Law;

4)       Cultural and museum management;

5)       Tourism management;

6)       Planning and financial support;

7)       Economy of the culture and cultural enterprises.


Advice to Voluntary Organisations

1)       Techniques of fund raising;

2)       Organisation of events;

3)       Legal advices in matter of participation to local, national and european projects.


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